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Reflections Counseling & Wellness offers individual counseling services to adults. Although we are trained to address various issues, our areas of focus are:



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Women's Issues 

Wife, mother, employee, daughter, friend. Women have many roles and somewhere along the way learned that we must be the “best” at all of these. We help women let go of unrealistic expectations and reconnect with their purpose to achieve fulfillment in life. 

Trauma can present itself in many ways. It may look like growing up in an “environment of chaos” or experiencing the loss of a loved one and everywhere in between. We help our clients heal from traumatic experiences and achieve the life they wish to have.

Life Transitions

Life is constantly changing. Some changes are unexpected and even positive changes can sometimes be difficult. When change feels too much to handle alone, we are here to support our clients through their life transitions.


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Chronic Illness

Chronic illness poses limitations that cannot always be seen and can affect mental health. Research shows there is a strong correlation between childhood trauma and chronic illness in adulthood. We help clients at all stages of their recovery from the initial diagnosis to periods of remission and relapse, respecting the unique needs of living with a chronic illness

Relationship Issues

Relationship issues can occur with partners, family,  friends,  or colleagues. When the anxiety from these relationships becomes too hard to manage, individuals often retreat to isolation and avoidance. We help our clients change boundaries and communication styles to get their needs met in relationships. 


Having a loved one with a substance use disorder can create feelings of helplessness. Battling with the hope for change and the idea that we cannot control the situation. As Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselors, we understand these unique challenges and help clients manage their relationships. 


Anxiety can leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or out of control. It can feel like our lives are consumed with worry and feeling anxious about our anxiety. We specialize in working with individuals with anxiety disorders and pride ourselves in helping clients achieve symptom relief, understanding of their relationship with anxiety, and healthy coping skills to manage anxiety.

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