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Walk and Talk Therapy

Welcome to a New Way of Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy uses traditional therapy approaches in a nontraditional setting by taking therapy outdoors, shedding the barriers of clinical and virtual counseling settings.


Studies show that combining nature walking with talk therapy improves self-esteem, hope, and overall life satisfaction, while decreasing concentration issues, social problems, and burnout.  


Breaking out of a traditional therapeutic environment offers a change in perspective for clients, allowing a focus on mind and body wellness simultaneously. Studies show that moving traditional therapeutic sessions outdoors can sometimes help individuals shift a feeling of “stuckness” they may be experiencing within their lives.

Walk and Talk sessions take place in one of our two approved outdoor locations and are 50-60 minutes long. Each session follows the same Reflections Counseling & Wellness fee structure as in-office and virtual appointments. 

If you want to extend your therapeutic experience beyond the typical office setting,

click here to schedule your free Walk & Talk consultation today!


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