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 Overwhelmed with anxiety, trauma, or negative experiences.

Struggling to manage relationship responsibilities or expectations.

Questioning if you are doing enough or if you are enough. 


These are burdens many of us carry. 


It may be time to let go and begin a journey of growth and healing.

At Reflections Counseling and Wellness we acknowledge that our clients have faced adversity and believe in the resiliency of our clients.


We find that many clients come to counseling asking, “what is wrong with me?” when the better question is “what happened to me?”.

We believe that our clients are experts in themselves and the counseling process serves as a vehicle for exploration, understanding, and change. 


Adversity and negative past experiences are part of our story, but they do not define us. Counseling gives a reflection into the past providing an understanding of the influence these experiences have on our lives today. 


Using clients’ insights, strengths and resilience we help our clients become the people they wish to be.

Therapy session

"Like the lotus flower we too have the ability to rise from the mud,
bloom out of the darkness
and radiate into the world."


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