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Neurodivergent Minds

Effective Skills for Parents of Sensory Sensitive Kids & Teens

Do find yourself or your child having difficulties with

social-emotional regulation?

Do you find your sensory threshold or attention span is almost nonexistent?

Embrace your uniqueness and find your voice in a safe, supportive, and understanding space. 

What To Expect

Neurodivergent Minds is a six-week program designed for parents of children with ADHD, ASD, or Sensory Processing Disorder. The program focuses on teaching parents skills to effectively parent their child while creating a sense of community and support. 

Parents will learn how to better understand their child's sensory sensitivity and will be equipped with the tools to provide them with the support they need. This program is perfect for parents who want to learn how to navigate their child's unique needs and provide them with the help they need to thrive.

Sessions are tailored around your or your child's specific needs in each developmental stage. Whether you're navigating school, relationships, or personal growth we specialize in helping you and your child thrive on your unique paths.


Together, we'll unlock your potential, celebrate your strengths, and empower you to conquer life's challenges. Your journey matters, and we're here to walk it with you. Take the first step towards a brighter future with therapy designed just for you.

Getting Started

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